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Financing Repayment

We provide financing repayment through I-Bank in Thailand.


Instant Account Credit

Money will be credited swiftly into your financing account at I-Bank, Thailand.

No charges

Rest assured, your account will be repaid the full amount sent by you. There are no hidden charges or deductions, hence you need not worry about financing your payment in full.

How to Send Money

Financing Repayment

Learn how to repay your finances through i-Bank Thailand.


1. Step one

Go to the nearest SpeedSend agent location and fill up the SpeedSend Send Money Form. Please click here for our agent locations.


2. Step two

Present the completed form with the money you wish to send and photo identification document as required to the location staff. You will also need to provide the financing account number in the send form.


3. Step three

Sign and keep the receipt after verifying all details are accurate.


4. Step four

Your money will be credited into the financing account.

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