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Fraud Prevention

Fraud prevention starts with you as the customer. Discover ways you can help identify and prevent frauds from happening.

These are the fundamental actions that could help you prevent fraud:

1. Refrain from sending money to unknown persons or companies

2. Do not send money to someone if you cannot verify their identity

3. Do not provide your personal financial information to someone you do not know

4. Do not send money to claim a foreign prize, lottery or to claim large sums of money

5. Do not respond to internet offers unless you can confirm that the offer is legitimate

Common types of fraud to be wary of:


Telemarketing Scam

Someone you do not know requesting advance payments or personal information to obtain a benefit that is never delivered.


Grandparent Scam

Someone calls or sends email identifying as a relative or a grandchild requesting money to be sent for payment of emergency medical bills, kidnapping or some other financial emergency.


Prize Promotion Scam

Requests for advance payment or taxes in order to receive a prize or lottery winning.


Advance Fee Scam

A fraud occurs when you send money to some unknown person on the promise to receive a gift, contract, or loan and receives nothing in return.

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